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Can I Practice While Im Pregnant ?

We do not offer Pre Natal Yoga classes at the studio at this time. 

Always consult your Doctor about exercise and pregnancy.

Should I Eat Before I Come To Class ?

Try to eat about 1 to 3 hrs before class. It is better to practice on an empty stomach, however, sometimes a light snack of yogurt or fruit may help tide you over if need be.

Be Kind To Yourself

Many people beat themselves up over the appearance of their body, or their ability to do the poses.  Remember, In the beginning you will not be that flexible, strong or balance well, you may have to sit out for part of the class, that is ok, we expect that. As you build a regular practice you will enjoy feeling  your body and mind grow.  

Going Barefoot

Most of the yoga poses require the feet to be in contact with the ground.

This is important for maintaining Stability & Balance & Grip, the absence of this can lead to slipping on the mat.

When we practice barefoot we connect nerve ending, joints  & points of the foot on the floor therefore strengthing the feet. 

What To Wear?


long fitted tops & 3/4 length exercise pants are a good option. 


a fitted  comfy top or no top

bike shorts are a good choice


Yoga Mat & Towel

If you are new you can borrow one of our mats. 

Or you can bring your own mat & towel. 

Yoga mat has to be thin, a bulky thick mat will interfere with your ability to balance. 

Any towel from home will do, there are towels designed especially for yoga mats that you can find just about anywhere.


Staying hydrated before, during  & after your yoga class is crucial to replenishing lost fluids & your entire well being. Dehydration is the culprit in many issues. 

Please bring your own water bottle and fill it up before you arrive, or you may use the tap water at the studio.

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