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First Time To Studio

1. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to check in and sort out your paper work .

2. Leave shoes in the hall outside yoga room.

3. Personal Belongings can remain in yoga room on the shelf provided.

4. Silence in the yoga room at all times, enjoy your conversations outside the yoga room.

5. Try to stay on your mat even if you are taking a break from the poses.

6. If you absolutely need to leave, try to do so quietly and during the floor series. 

7.  Our teachers will be happy to answer your questions for before or after class.

8. Show up to class on time, Unfortunately we can not allow latecomers to class, as this disrupts the flow of class.

9. You may change in the bathroom at the studio, please remember that other students may need to change as well.

Setting Up Your Mat

We ask that you set up your yoga mat in line with your classmates mat, so that there are everyone is in line and evenly spaced in the room.

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